Help & FAQ

Click on link "Forgot password".

It will take you to the password recovery page.

Fill in email you registered with and submit.

You should receive recovery code to your email inbox. If you haven't received the code, please check your spam box. If it is in your spam box, we recommend to while list our email so it will arrive to proper inbox next time. We do not send any spam emails no worries.

Once you have recovery code, copy it and paste to field on password recovery page and confirm.

Now you should see fields for your new password and for password confirmation.

If you just registered, after first login you will be automatically taken to Your account page. You have to tap on profile image icon. A dialog window will be opened. There you can upload a picture which will be placed into a frame which is of exact size as profile picture need to be. You can zoom in, zoom out, reposition or rotate your picture to make it fit your needs. Once you are ready, press Crop button. This will crop the image to visible selection only. Then press save and you are done.

If you are on slow connection please wait till uploading of image is finished. Some pictures when taken by phone are 1.5Mb large and it takes some time to upload it via slow connection.

You can change or add profile video in your account page or in edit profile page.

Tap or click on your current profile picture/picture icon, a dialog window will be opened. Tap or click on camera icon on top of the profile picture frame.

Once you clicked the camera icon you will be asked to allow access to camera. To be able to record a video you need to allow the access.

You will see control buttons and streaming video from your camera. To start recording press the red record button. Profile video is limited to 3 seconds only and it stops recording when time limit runs out. If your recording finished, tap arrow right control and video stream will be closed, while you can see recorder video in profile picture frame.

If you are happy with your recording tap Save video button and wait till video is uploaded.

When upload is finished dialog window is closed and you'll can see your new profile video as your profile picture.

If you just registered your account, After uploading and setting up your profile image or video, you will be always redirected to Edit profile page. To continue further on the website you need to fill in required fields. This is the last step you need to do before you can enjoy full experience.

Do not upload adult pictures. This is NOT a porn site.

Do not fill in profile country you are not in. Virtual Private Network won't help you to cover your real IP address. Rented Virtual Private Server won't do that too.

This is a question very often asked by people located in certain countries, famous for online scam, who created profile with pictures stolen from Twitter or Instagram accounts and pretending they are in USA, UK, France, etc. So the answer is:
Your account was banned because You created a profile with fake location and stolen pictures with intention to scam people.

The other reason for banned account is uploading adult pictures. If you feel need to share picture of your manhood publicly then you are in wrong place.

We do not ban accounts for some minor offenses therefore banned account can NOT be restored.